PhD Candidate: Qiran LI

Date and place of defence: September 27, 2013 - UCBN, Ensicaen, France.

Aiming at applications in microelectronics, the objective of this thesis is to investigate the effect of electrode materials presenting a two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) on the capacitance of a capacitor. Recent theoretical studies (JAP 106, 064504 (2009)) show that the enhancement of the capacitance for industrial needs of miniaturisation is not only a question of the permittivity of the insulating material, but could also be approached by engineering of the electrode material.

We propose to develop a 2DEG electrode by geometrically confined doping of an oxide insulator, which was shown to result in a confinement of the electrons to 2 dimensions (PRB 80, 241102(R) (2009)) for an epitaxially grown system. The experimental work in the framework of the proposed PhD will range from the validation of the effect of the 2DEG electrode on the capacitance of an epitaxial capacitor, the development of the growth of the system with techniques which are adaptable to industrial production and the integration of the 2DEG electrode into a prototype.

The PhD thesis will be carried out at the CRISMAT, which has a strong background in the growth of thin films, and the Institute of Materials Science of the Technische Universität Darmstadt, where the structural characterization will be carried out. The involvement of a local manufacturer of microelectronics (IPDia) will assure a strong orientation of the work for industrial needs.

Project Partners


TUD - Structure Lab, Materials Dept (Darmstadt)

IPDia, Caen