This project concerns the combined first-principles theory and phenomenological
 modelling of multiferroic materials like TbMnO3, YMnO3 and layered systems.
Multiferroics are fascinating systems in which at least two types of long-range
orders coexist, for example ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism. The field of
multiferroics is at the forefront of current research, and is one of the most active
topics in Physics and Materials Science. Multiferroicity reveals new fundamental
physics with very promising applications in areas as diverse as data storage,
sensing and actuation, and spintronics. Our understanding of multiferroic phenomena, however, is far from being complete.  The development
of new theoretical approaches and their application to model systems
as proposed in the present project is needed for further progress in the field.

Project Partners and their Roles

Université de Liège, Theoretical Materials Physics Group

ICMCB Bordeaux

industry partner: PHASIS - Switzerland