Zamudio, Spain, 30.9. - 4.10. 2019

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop is organised by Tecnalia Research & Innovation.

It is a one-week program that allows participants to enhance their talent and to develop the skills needed for creating innovative projects. Participants are trained for the development and implementation of new projects, products or services that generate value in society, as well as lead the creation of new businesses and / or lead new innovative projects within existing companies.

All the outcomes and learnings during this program will be put into practice during the rest of their participation in the International Doctoral School by the participants.

Experience shows that solving real industrial challenges provides a new and effective way of learning as well as one of a kind opportunity for networking with companies and students. Working in teams, participants will identify and develop an opportunity in the raw material industry to create and develop business ideas with high impact in terms of social, environmental and economic value.

Participants will solve industry challenges that will be proposed either by industry and Technological Research Centres involved in the International Doctoral School or Raw materials sector.