Leiden, Netherlands, 8-11 April 2019

The Spring School 2019 of the EIT KIC sponsored IDS-FunMat-INNO PhD research network was organized in collaboration with the EIT KIC Raw materials funded Raw Materials Scenario (RaMaScene) project.

Lead organizer was Leiden University’s Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), where the school is supported by KU Leuven and the Universitye of Bordeaux.

The program consisted of:

· Two days of introductions into techniques such Life cycle assessment, Material flow analysis, and Input Output analysis, and exercises with the RaMaScene tool, that helps students to build circularity scenarios and make rough calculations on economic and environmental benefits. This part was given not only to the cohort of 15 PhD students, but also to about 10 professionals

· One day of classes into circular economy policy making

· One day which combined career counselling, a review of grant options for young researchers, exchanges on the own PhD, and support in writing an outline postdoc proposal.